I am Roberto Lara, owner and operator. I have over sixteen years experience creating and installing iron works in the greater Los Angeles metro area and throughout the San Fernando Valley. My company, Iron Door Originals and Lara Iron Works, are the most trusted in the iron works industry. I sell my designs and products to dozens of Iron Works retailers. Iron works has been a craft in my family for generations. My passion for creating with iron was instilled in my at an early age. My family members worked with iron welding everything from doors and gates to wrought iron banisters. The hard working ethic and my keen eye for detail has blessed me with a successful business creating designs for homes and businesses. I have a hand picked crew of hard working men and I demand excellence from them.

Prior to launching Wrought Iron Originals I worked with other iron works companies. The product they delivered was good quality but over priced. I decided to follow my instinct and strike out on my own. That was in 2002. I have not regretted one minute since. I’ve worked on some very challenging projects. I not only work with home owners but contractors and commercial developers.  I pride myself on excellent quality work at the lowest price.

Please call us. I welcome all questions and love sharing my vast knowledge about all aspects of iron works for both home and business.

Roberto Lara

(818) 208-2018